Discover how your skills can grow your business and take care of your customers

Say hello to your next business growth solution, White Glove Webinars. You know that webinars are a tried-and-tested way to grow your business by generating leads and sales. I’ll help you figure out the entire webinar process from start to finish!

White Glove Webinars allows you to successfully promote your products and/or services while building important relationships with your clients.

But you need to make sure that in the sea of webinars now available online, yours truly stands out and gets the results you want.

Collaborate with experts, receive a fully tailored plan, discover new techniques, and have the support of a team committed to your success.

We’ll handle the logistics, planning, execution, and promotion of the webinar with this done-for-you service.

Here’s what we’ll do in 4
easy steps:


We will work with you to ensure that you have your premium offer optimised and ready to go.


Then we’ll help you craft the right message and placement for your landing page, advertising copy, images and visuals so that your target audience will notice your expert value immediately.


To build confidence and credibility among your audience, we’ll work on helping you create a Premium Presentation that tells your narrative and demonstrates why you're an authority in your field.


Finally, we’ll help you put your well-crafted presentation into action by assisting you with administrative support in conducting your webinar.

The White Glove Webinar service includes the following:

Webinar Strategy Session

Immediately after your onboarding meeting, we begin working on getting your name out there in the marketplace. Our webinar strategy session is scheduled after our initial onboarding meeting, which is where we gather data and plan the content of your webinar presentation.

Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel you receive will be specifically tailored to help you draw in suitable attendees while simultaneously avoiding the ones you don't want.

Market Research on Your Audience

Our specialists will conduct thorough research into your industry to determine the perfect target audiences for marketing, allowing us to find the ideal webinar participants for you.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

You'll get a monthly marketing campaign to help you grow your leads, engagements and sales. We'll take care of all the copy, including ads, landing pages, video scripts and emails.

Graphic Design & Visuals

From ads to the registration and offer pages, we will create premium graphics and videos to complement your company's branding.

Webinar System

Get access to our tried-and-true webinar system that delivers training, sends replays, and emails participants and those who didn't turn up. In addition, this will work with your current email provider.

Analytics and Insights

Every month, you'll receive a complete summary of registrations, ad spend amounts, conversions and each step of the funnel.


Schedule your free strategy session with me right away so we can talk about what you want to do and how I can help you make it happen!