Dr.Delena Wardlaw

A Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician and Healthcare Advocate

[It was a] wonderful, fantastic experience! It allowed me to use my many years of medical expertise and my levels of community engagement to be able to provide an educational level to other physicians in their communities. The program is easy-going. However, it does give you a detailed curriculum which involves in-class participation.
It also involves assignments and it allows you to be held accountable to partners as well.
David is very motivational and encourages his students to get the work done in a time and manner so that you can achieve your goals. I highly recommend Premium Online Program. If you are motivated, get started today!


Founder of Organized To Prosper

I am one of David's students and let me tell you that I learned so much it is difficult to put into words. What was wonderful about the class was that I learned tools that will not only help me with my business, but also help me to serve others. I run a virtual assistance company and some of my clients need social media management services for their Facebook and twitter accounts. I shied away from taking on these tasks because of my lack of knowledge. Not anymore, now I am well equipped and have the confidence to say yes to these assignments. If you want to learn about social media I highly recommend that you take social media classes with David, he is indeed an expert at his craft. Thank you David, I cannot wait for you to offer more classes, you can save me a seat now.

Keicha Barnum


An accuchex is the title for a male midwife and also the title that David Simon used to describe his role in my journey on the first day that I met him. He said he would partner with me, support and advise me throughtout the entire process and if I trusted him and trusted the Lord I would meet my goal to become a course creator. Well,  my accuchex helped me birth so much more. After completing David's Course I created an entire online academy. The journey sas challenging and there were times I wanted to quit but with David's auidance and continued support and trusted advice I perservered.

Eugene Seagriff

CEO, Co-Founder, Inventor, & Investor

David and the team at Kingdom Social Media did an exceptional job of growing my personal and business Twitter following to over 10,000 combined. The best part is they were not just random followers, they were properly targeted and properly engaged with. Their work for me providing and posting content on Facebook and here on LinkedIn also freed up my time to focus on my clients and their needs. Great people, and great service. A pleasure to do business with.

Dorinda Walker

Business Leader and Catalyst for leading marketing and social impact strategies that build opportunities for social responsibility and business growth.

David has been a tremendous asset in helping me build out a solid social mexia strategy. The organic growth and high engagement has truly helled me build a solid and loyal following!


Founder Body Love Therapy

David, your workshop was so incredibly helpful, and I feel I have a leg up because I know how to use relatively free platforms to get the clients I want. I got my first client last week and it was amazing. So thank you thank you thank you!! You are making this process so much easier.

Samantha Mitchell

There are some fundamental things that need to be learnt and David was there to give us all the information regarding your ideal target audience, your personal branding… and so much more — the marketing piece of it and how to go about it and to make sure that you are using the right tools and resources to be able to get the results that you want. My results so far: I am well-aligned with starting up my course and I am in the process of completing my ebook.
I highly recommend the program. David is super, super resourceful. I am excited to have him on my team. He’s super committed to our success. I have invested in so many programs in the past but as far as having that close relationship where you know that this person – your coach, your mentor – has your best interest at hand, it’s priceless.

Dr. Alauna

Trauma Psychiatrist

I signed up for the course launch success program because I knew that I had an important message, but I didn't know how to bring it to the world. David helped pull the
best out of me, providing clear guidance and structure to create my course. He patiently guided me when I encountered technology
charisma. Although life threw multiple obstacles at me, David remained an encouraging coach. He provides support from start to finish, including assisting with
getting my videos uploaded to the public platform. I am beyond satisfied with the investment I made and grateful that I chose to do the Course Launch Success program!


Delatorro McNeal

Samantha Mitchell

Phyllis Frempong

Work With David

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