If you’re looking for an engaging presenter who will captivate, motivate and inspire your audience, I’d love to partner with you for your upcoming conference or event.

From keynote speaking and workshops to corporate training, audiences are left with value, clarity, and an enjoyable learning experience.

Choose from the following presentation topics when planning your next event:

The 3 D’s of Purpose

A topic to help provide life direction and by establishing vision and clarity, as well as learning a process for identifying your life’s purpose. It also helps you execute the top 3 things successful people do to experience continual success.

3 Things You Need To Do To
Leave Your 9-5

The perfect topic for an audience wanting to take the leap but unsure how to get there. Participants will learn clear strategies for making that transition, developing goal-setting, and successfully planning a process to determine the perfect time to make the leap.

7 Questions You Must Answer to Discover Your Purpose

A topic to clarify what your purpose is that will help guide you through your life. Participants learn about the importance of a discovery process, how to identify your uniqueness, how to avoid getting stuck and how to live your life with purpose at all times.

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