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Imagine knowing that you are talented and skilled at what you do and being able to share your expertise with people who can benefit from them.

Maybe you feel like you know what you’re doing but you don’t believe in yourself to that extent you can offer premium training or online courses that you can earn a living off and grow your business?

I’ve been there.

From supposed to be taking a totally different path in life to potentially messing up the one shot I had - that my parents had worked so hard for.

But I also went from doing something just because I was told to, to believing in myself and taking a risk to follow my dreams.

And the result?

I became a Mediapreneur and went on to help countless people and businesses achieve their potential.

Now my goal is to help 1 billion people discover and develop their gifts so they can distribute their gifts with the world.


I grew up in a strict household with Ghanaian parents who had done everything in their power to settle in the United States.

Education being a cornerstone in the family, it was important that my sibling and I did something meaningful with our lives.

We had options, be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.

After a tumultuous educational journey and being expelled, I managed to get into college and started engineering.

But after a while it just felt like it wasn’t working and I was miserable.

I resolved to do what I needed to and proceeded to explain in detail to my mother that I was going to start working in media, digital media to be precise.

At the time, the likes of Facebook and Myspace were on the scene and I landed up using them to build my friends brands for them.

Fast forward to moving to New Jersey, I started working on Kingdom Social Media as a way of helping speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants.

And now I spend my days pouring into people helping them understand their potential and what they have inside of them and the value they can bring into the world.

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Kingdom Social Media is a brand committed to helping people discover
and develop their full potential and does so by offering the following services:

White glove

Say hello to learning how to easily create and manage your webinars

Online Programs

Find out your true potential and enrol in a 3-month online program designed to leverage your knowledge and professional growth.

Bestselling Author Campaigns

Discover how to launch your own book and turn it into a bestselling author

your gifts

Discover what your true potential is and how to appreciate them.

Coaching Programs

Having the right help can set you apart on your journey and that is why I offer premium a coaching program.

Not only will you learn how to bring out your premium offering, but also how you can monetise it and build a system you can leverage to earn a living.

Media Authority Training

With David

Discover how you can dominate the media industry like I have done for my personal and business brands by learning how to leverage PR, social media, radio, podcasting, and more to establish your authority in the marketplace.


Keicha Barnum


An accuchex is the title for a male midwife and also the title that David Simon used to describe his role in my journey on the first day that I met him. He said he would partner with me, support and advise me throughtout the entire process and if I trusted him and trusted the Lord I would meet my goal to become a course creator. Well, my accuchex helped me birth so much more. After completing David's Course I created an entire online academy. The journey sas challenging and there were times I wanted to quit but with David's auidance and continued support and trusted advice I perservered.

Eugene Seagriff


David and the team at Kingdom Social Media did an exceptional job of growing my personal and business Twitter following to over 10,000 combined. The best part is they were not just random followers, they were properly targeted and properly engaged with. Their work for me providing and posting content on Facebook and here on LinkedIn also freed up my time to focus on my clients and their needs. Great people, and great service. A pleasure to do business with.


Delatorro McNeal

Work With David

It doesn’t have to take a long time to change your life. Some of the greatest changes in our lives can happen within a matter of minutes. Take advantage of this FREE 15-minute discovery session and we will uncover the treasure deep within you!

Public Speaking

David is available for a host of public speaking engagements to suit all kinds of situations.
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Catch the “How I Discovered My Gift With David D. Simons” and discover why this is not just another podcast but rather is part of something bigger to help 1 billion people discover, develop, and distribute their gifts. Discover your clear purpose in life and reach your full potential one podcast episode at a time!

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